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Five Tips for Using Cloud Services to Keep Your Private Information Safe

Posted by Keegan Wetzel

Oct 6, 2014 2:08:02 PM

    Cloud storage provides the opportunity to centralize saved data on a network of servers while allowing you access to that information no matter the computer or device you use. Storing documents, photos, and data in cloud storage can be very convenient. Some people feel it’s much easier to have everything in one place instead of carrying around flash drives or discs that contain your data. You must keep in mind that the data you keep in the cloud is also at risk of being compromised by another person - just like anything else that is available on the internet whether it is intended to be public or private. Some recent events in the media may have led you to doubt whether the private information you keep stored is protected from hackers. Even though technology has made many things more convenient in our lives, it is important to stay more prepared and protected than ever. Below are some guidelines that should help you understand how to stay secured in our increasingly digital world.

Here are five tips to help keep your cloud data safe from hackers:

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Being Wary of Contractor Insurance Fraud

Posted by Keegan Wetzel

Oct 2, 2014 10:31:12 AM

The average homeowner knows relatively little about home renovations such as electrical panels or replacing floor joists. This lack of knowledge can make you an easy target and potential victim of contractor fraud. Often times hired contractors complete their work in a professional and responsible manner – unfortunately there are also cases of dishonest contractors who lie about the severity of a problem in order to make money from overpriced repairs. Commonly, the need for such repair is heavily exaggerated, or even completely fabricated. It is important that you act wisely when dealing with contractors so you don’t end up paying for repairs that you don’t need.    
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Five Helpful Tips to Winterize Your Car

Posted by Keegan Wetzel

Sep 30, 2014 12:46:09 PM

    It is important to make sure that you and your families are kept as safe and warm as possible during the colder months to come. Something that can be overlooked in the process of preparing for winter is making sure your car is also prepared for the potential adverse conditions to come. Failing to prepare your car for colder weather can lead to dead batteries, engine problems, and accidents. Follow these easy tips to protect your vehicle in the winter:
  • Check your tire tread depth and replace worn tires, if possible. Tires with tread depths of less than 2/32” should be replaced immediately, preferably with winter tires that will help the car handle easily in the ice and snow.
  • Make sure your battery has enough juice. Cold temperatures can cause your battery to operate at less than 50 percent efficiency, which might prevent your car from starting if it is cold enough and could add even more stress to your already busy schedule.
  • Make sure your windshield wiper fluid is rated for cold temperatures. Frozen fluid will clog up the lines and prevent use while driving.
  • The viscosity of oil—how thick it is—will change depending on its temperature. The colder oil is, the thicker it will become. Thick oil does not circulate through an engine as easily as thinner oil during startup. To reduce the risk of problems with your engine oil, place thinner oil in your engine before the cold weather season. Be sure to check your vehicle’s manual for the proper oil to use.
  • To avoid accelerated rusting from salt on the road, get car washes regularly throughout the winter.
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Why Every Millennial Needs Renters Insurance

Posted by Keegan Wetzel

Sep 26, 2014 9:57:39 AM

According to a recent national study,  56 percent of millennials (adults ages 23-35) do not have renters insurance, despite more renters in this age group than ever before.

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Are Your Prepared? Keeping Pets Safe During Emergency or Disaster

Posted by Keegan Wetzel

Sep 22, 2014 3:42:12 PM

Being prepared for potential emergencies or disasters is very important to individuals and families but pets are often overlooked.  What also must be accounted for is planning to keep your pets/animals safe in these times of uncertainty and sufficient preparation is the key to doing so.                                  
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