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Insuring Your City Home

Posted by Matt Stephens

Sep 29, 2015 2:03:12 PM

For City Home owners, restoring the unique architectural features of brownstones, row houses, and town houses is a painstaking labor of love. Finding the right insurance for these multi-storied, historic masonry buildings, however, can be just as painstaking. 

Insuring city home requires an appreciation of their historical significance and an understanding of their contemporary value. But not all insurance companies - even those that claim to specialize in city homes - can offer...


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Insuring Valuables

Posted by Matt Stephens

Sep 28, 2015 2:54:00 PM

Why should I Insure my Valuables? 

Your valuables are important to you and insuring them is equally important to prevent serious loss in the event of damage or theft. 

The limited coverage provided in your homeoweners policy may not be sufficient to cover your valuables in the event of a loss. 

Whether it's a diamond ring or silverware set, we can help you insure the things you value most. Find out more about our affordable insurance options! 


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Rental Property Insurance - A Fire Dwelling Policy

Posted by Matt Stephens

Sep 15, 2015 11:00:00 AM

If you own rental or investment properties, you need to protect them from a host of potential perils, including fire, lightning, vandalism and theft. If your primary residence is located on the rental or investment property, a homeowners policy would cover you from many of the potential risks. But what if you live somewhere else? A dwelling fire policy may be the type of coverage you need to insure your rental or investment property from damages.

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Crime Insurance - Coverage in Action

Posted by Matt Stephens

Sep 11, 2015 11:56:00 AM

You may feel that your employees would never steal from you or that your business would never be the victim of theft, but the harsh reality is that nearly every business is eventually victimized by fraud or theft. In this day and age, thieves (including your employees) do not need direct access to cash to steal from you; merchandise, supplies and securities are all fair game. You may also be susceptible to losses in the event that finished products or even raw materials are stolen right from under your nose. Essentially, any product can be a target for thieves
if there is an opportunity to make a resale profit. 
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Hurricane Preparation - Checklist for Business Owners

Posted by Matt Stephens

Sep 9, 2015 2:44:54 PM

hurricane preparation for business owners

According to the American Red Cross, almost 40 percent of all small businesses affected by a major disaster, such as a tornado, flood, earthquake or hurricane, do not reopen their doors because they were unprepared for the disaster. Therefore, it is necessary for business owners and managers to consider the fact that a natural disaster is possible. Ask yourself these questions: How could I continue to conduct business if the city (or even just the streets near my building) are closed off? How could I serve my customers’ needs if my facility needed to close for several months? Could my business survive if it was closed down for several weeks or months?

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