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Cyber Security Guide - Mobile Devices & Your Employees

Posted by Matt Stephens

Mar 4, 2016 8:57:03 AM


2015-12-08-1449558163-8356450-cybers.jpgIf your company uses mobile devices to conduct company business, such as accessing company email or sensitive data, pay close attention to mobile security and the potential threats that can expose and compromise your business networks.



Top Threats Targeting Mobile Device

  • Data loss—An employee or hacker accesses sensitive information from device or network. This can be unintentional or malicious, and is considered the biggest threat to mobile devices.
  • Social engineering attacks—A cyber criminal attempts to trick users into disclosing sensitive information or installing malware. Methods include phishing and targeted attacks.
  • Malware—Malicious software that includes traditional computer viruses, computer worms and Trojan horse programs. Specific examples include the Ikee worm, targeting iOS-based devices, and Pjapps malware that can enroll infected Android devices in a collection of hacker-controlled “zombie” devices known as a “botnet.”
  • Data integrity threats—Attempts to corrupt or modify data in order to disrupt operations of a business for financial gain. These can also occur unintentionally.
  • Resource abuse—Attempts to misuse network, device or identity resources. Examples include sending spam from compromised devices or denial-of-service attacks using computing resources of compromised devices.
  • Web- and network-based attacks—Launched by malicious websites or compromised legitimate sites, these target a device’s browser and attempt to install malware or steal confidential data that flows through it.

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