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Still Don't Think You Need Flood Insurance? Think Again!

Posted by Matt Stephens

Oct 22, 2015 3:08:00 PM

This year the country witnessed a disastrous amount of rainfall that took place in South Carolina. As we viewed the news on our TVs, we were all very sympathetic and worried about the people and their given situation. With the extreme  amount of rainfall, combined with what was a tropical storm, then a hurricane, the state was hit hard with excessive flooding. As we watched, we were all subconsciously thinking the same thing "I'm glad this isn't happening to me". As happy as we were for not being in South Carolina's position, it's foolish to think this same scenario will never happen to you!  


What Happened In South Carolina Can Happen Anywhere! 

Extreme rainfall events have many labels - regardless of their names or probabilities - they happen everywhere! There are storms that occur in the U.S. each year that are many times great than the "100-Year Storm". Here are some great reasons why everyone should have flood insurance! 


Everyone should get a quote for Flood Insurance! 

This Flood Risk and Insurance brochure delivers some of the many reasons why as a homeowner you should at least consider getting a Flood Insurance quote from Clarke & Sampson, Inc. 

Consumers are uninformed about flood coverage. Our duty to clients is to educate them and offer a flood policy to every owner. Only 21% of property owners across the southern states have flood insurance, and other regions are even less insured. After the South Carolina flood and after all of the others the most common quotes found include: 

  • "We don' live in a flood zone and like a whole lot of people had no realization that we would ever be in danger of a flood."
  • We don't have a flood policy because we had no idea we would ever need one. There are so many questions: if you don't live in a flood zone, are you even eligible to buy flood insurance? We don't know how it all works, it's very complicated."

The good news is, it's not that complicated once you give us a call! Contact us and we can start working with you right away on protecting you! 

Living in a low risk flood zone is not enough protection! A flood policy is! 

Just because you moved to a low risk flood zone doesn't mean your clear of danger. In fact, twenty five percent of all flood claims and one third of flood disaster assistance is for properties outside of the high risk flood zone. Don't become one of the thousands who gamble with flood risk. 

Russ Dubinsky, Executive Director of the South Carolina Insurance News Service, said a flood policy could cost as little as $200 in low-risk areas. "It's sad and unfortunate in retrospect, a policy that costs relatively little could have protected against such a catastrophic event, but most people don't buy flood insurance unless their lender says they have to have it," he said. South Carolina expects up to one billion dolars of damage after flood damage!

If your property is protected by a dam or a levee, you need flood insurance! 

Levees and dams can and do fail in our country all the time. With over eighty seven thousand active levees and dams, there is a good chance one near you is capable of failing. Estimated reports from the American Society of Civil Engineers' report that about four thousand dams in the country are in need of repair. About half of those dams could cost lives if they were to fail. 

If you live near a dam check out this great resource! Live near a dam?


Let South Carolina be a warning shot across the bow for everyone reading this. Just because you live in a low risk flood zone or don't think this could ever happen to you, you should still get a quote for a flood insurance policy! Please contact one of our agents at Clarke & Sampson, Inc. if you would like to discuss your flood insurance options! (703) 683-6601

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