Glenda Austin

10278822401Glenda, who hails from Kentucky, has worked with Clarke & Sampson for nearly twelve years. It didn't take twelve years, however, for Glenda to feel like she was part of the Clarke & Sampson team. “The management of Clarke & Sampson is like family to me,” she says. “This company cares about its employees and its customers.”
Ask Glenda to name her least favorite part of her job and she simply cannot. She can, however, rattle off several aspects of her work that she loves. One of those aspects is the freedom to form and build relationships.  “I love to work with our customers and my co-workers. We have great working relationships."  

Glenda has a true appreciation for the supportive workplace that Clarke & Sampson provides. "There is always a lot of encouragement and flexibility to be the best you can be."
Glenda is a hard working, organized, and colorful member of the Clarke & Sampson team. Her success in raising a family, working a full time job, and returning to college to study business management certainly atests to her work ethic and organizational skills.  
When not working, Glenda loves the outdoors and gardening. She is also a active and life-long member of her community church. 

To reach Glenda, call 703-683-6601 or email her:


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