Janice Aller

1567056255Jan Aller began her career with Clarke & Sampson in 1973, making her the company’s longest tenured employee.  “Working here for 3 decades with a wonderful group of colleagues is my proudest achievement,” says Jan. She has witnessed much change in both the workplace and insurance industry but one thing has remained constant: the commitment to integrity by the Clarke & Sampson team. “I know what we do makes a difference in people’s lives. It makes me proud of our company and my profession.”

Jan assists personal policyholders for Clarke and Sampson and is also a Flood Insurance Specialist.  She helps in preparing coverage quotes, ordering reports and analysis on policies, helping to service flood policies and other administrative assistance.  “My work is challenging at times because we have to be responsive and help people during difficult situations.  It’s gratifying to help customers.  I learn something new every day.”

When not at work, Jan enjoys relaxing with friends and family and is a fan of public television / educational programming.

Jan may be reached at 703-683-6601 or jaller@clarkeandsampson.com


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