Technological Services Errors and Omissions

The business of technology has become fraught with high-stakes professional liabilities. Constantly evolving technologies, diversifying technology operations and changing legal landscape have made it difficult for technology services providers to mount a strong and cost-sensible assault on the fast-moving perils without expert advise and cutting edge insurance solutions. 

Cyber and Technology liability polices enable technology services businesses to secure professional and Internet liability insurance that is precisely tailored to the risks associated with technology business activities – whether they provide technology products or services, whether delivered online or offline. In addition, ancillary exposures such as advertising, sales, in-house counsel and media liability can also be insured. Companies can pick and choose the coverages they need and combine them in one broad, cost-efficient policy with a single limit. Available coverages may include:

  • Technology Errors and Omissions – for errors or omissions related to electronic technology services and technology products.
  • Media Liability Insurance – for liabilities arising from your material and wide-ranging media services.
  • Telecommunications Liability Insurance – for errors or omissions in telecommunications products or services.
  • Specialty Professional Liability Insurance – for errors and omissions arising from a broad range of professional services – from alleged breach of duty to misleading statements – your non-technology errors and omissions exposures.
  • Internet Media Liability – for content published on the Internet, including exposure to claims for defamation, libel, slander, copyright infringement, and invasion of privacy.
  • Internet Professional Liability Insurance – for errors and omissions in computer and Internet services, as well as Internet media services errors and omissions.

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