We Can Help Lighten Your Burden During Data Breaches

Clarke & Sampson offers small businesses in Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax City, VA with an organized route to address a data breach. We have designed our data breach or cyber liability insurance to assist organizations deal with the expenses resulting from the security breach of their system.

The Importance of Becoming Cyber Liability Carriers

By becoming a cyber liability carrier, businesses fulfill their responsibility to protect and safeguard personal and sensitive information of their firm, their employees, and their clients. Small businesses become the target more often than big organizations, as they undervalue their risk level, thus leading them not to invest in security. For this reason, they become easy targets for dishonest employees, thieves, and hackers to steal and leak their data online or to their other competitors. Sometimes, data falls into the wrong hands when the business inadvertently releases data. In the event that a data breach occurs, a small business needs to have cyber liability protection in place to allow them to recover from the setback without draining their financial resources.

The Statistics Say It All

A look at the statistics:

  • 31% of cyber attacks target small businesses
  • The average cost per customer to respond to a breach is $136
  • Breach notification laws mandate expedient notification to all individuals that may potentially be impacted

What Does Cyber Liability Insurance Cover?

Clarke & Sampson’s security cyber liability insurance in Washington, DC covers the following areas in the event of a data breach:

  • Legal and Forensics Costs
  • Crisis and Public Relations Management
  • Notification Expenses
  • Defense and Liability Expenses
  • Services for Impacted Individuals (identification restoration services, credit monitoring, and help lines)

Who Requires Data Breach Insurance?

The following small businesses in Arlington, Fairfax City, and Alexandria, VA require cyber liability protection:

  • Consultants
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Retailers, Restaurants
  • Accountants
  • Non-Profit organizations

Any business that stores and handles sensitive data on technological devices requires Clark & Sampson’s cyber liability protection.

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