Seven Helpful Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter

| November 03, 2014

As winter looms, temperatures drop and the chance of severe weather increases considerably. An unfortunate result of this severe weather is the fact that it can cause havoc on your home’s exterior along with several other property damage risks. Use the following tips to ensure your home gets through the winter season unscathed.

  • Keep the roof clean - including the gutters. Built-up clumps of leaves can block water from flowing through the gutters.

o    Consider trimming tree branches that extend over the house to minimize the collection of branches and leaves on the roof.

  •  Frequently remove snow from the edges of the roof and gutters, the accumulation and freezing of this is the biggest contributor to an ice dam – along with the melting and refreezing of snow.
  • Make sure to eliminate all sources of heat in the attic space. Have plenty of insulation in the attic, ensuring that the heat coming from within won’t melt the snow on the roof – allowing it to refreeze an build toward an ice dam. The underside of the roof deck should be similar in temperature to the exterior of the roof.
  • Have a professional perform an inspection on the furnace before it is used constantly throughout the day.

o   Change the filter! It should be changed monthly, or as needed, during the winter.

  • Insulate water pipes to prevent frozen pipes from bursting.
  • Add caulk to drafty windows, and consider purchasing a plastic window insulator kit to prevent further draftiness.
  • Have the chimney cleaned to decrease the fire risk.

For other strategies to keep you and your family safe during the cold winter months stay tuned to our blog, call (703)683-6601