Online Small Business Insurance for Self-Employed Individuals

Clarke & Sampson is proud to partner with United States Liability Insurance, member Berkshire Hathaway, to bring you an online platform for self-employed individuals to quote and issue business insurance online. Our CoverSmart© tool helps you find the coverage you need at competitive prices with the ease and convenience of an online platform. 

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Examples of self-employed business operations that we insure include: notaries, travel agents, life coaches, bakers, florists, professional organizers, videographers, photographers, car detailers, hairstylists and barbers, court reporters, musicians, sales consultants, accountants, bookkeepers, computer repair, disc jockey, graphic designer, editorial services, interpreters, market research, resume service, authors, and more. 

Our offering consists of the following key coverage offerings: 

General Liability

Provides coverage for bodily injury or property damage that could occur in the course of your operations. For example, as a florist, one of clients cuts their finger on a cracked vase. 

Business Personal Property

Protection for the property you use in your business, the inventory of the products that you sell, or the property of others in your possession. For example, as a photographer, your camera is damaged when it is knocked off a table at a wedding reception.

Professional Liability

Protection for errors that you make in the course of doing business that cause financial loss to others. For example, as a travel agent, your client accuses you of booking the wrong time for a return flight. 

Business Income and Extra Expense

Protection for the lost income due to your home being uninhabitable. For example, you are a music teacher and you cannot give piano lessons in your home due to a fire in your home. 

Coverage is based on the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of your policy. Be sure to read your policy to verify your coverage.

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