Personal Umbrella Liability

While your homeowner and automobile insurance generally include a layer of liability coverage, it may not be enough. As your assets accumulate and your lifestyle changes, you can become a more attractive target for personal liability lawsuits. Homeowner and auto policy liability limits may not be sufficient to cover a substantial liability claim. A personal umbrella policy covers you over and above your primary auto, homeowners, watercraft, or other personal liability policy for such things as bodily injury, property damage, and legal defense costs. Ask about options that may be available.

1. Protection When Others Lack Insurance

The Under-insured/Uninsured Personal Liability coverage protects you in the event of damages incurred when others are liable and are themselves uninsured or underinsured. We offer protection from damages caused by uninsured or under-insured motorists.

2. Domestic Employee Lawsuit Coverage

It’s not uncommon for residence employees nowadays to make claims alleging wrongful employment acts or sexual harassment. Some companies include an option for Employment Practices Liability coverage. This option provides protection against employment-related discrimination, sexual harassment, and wrongful termination suits. If you employ others in your home, ask us about this important coverage option.

3. Non-Profit Board Member Protection

Unfortunately, many non-profits don’t carry enough coverage to adequately protect their directors and officers. You could be personally liable for the gap in any settlement – not a comforting thought. Some companies offer this optional coverage to cover you as a director or officer of non-profit religious organizations, charitable and philanthropic groups, museums, libraries, arts organizations, homeowners’ associations, and more. Ask us about this important coverage option.

There are times when your needs may extend beyond your policy limits. For example, what would you do if…

  • A neighbor was injured in your swimming pool?
  • A passerby tripped and broke her leg on your property?
  • Your dog’s bite proved worse than his bark?
  • You were in a car or motorcycle accident and were sued for $1 million?

And then you found out your liability limit is too low. Unfortunately these days, anyone can be sued. And million dollar judgments, once a rarity, have become all too common. Even if the court decides in your favor, you may still have to pay legal fees and court costs. You have worked hard; don’t leave your assets to chance.

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