Pest Control Insurance

Pest Control businesses have unique everyday risks combined with everyday normal risks. Look at the following situation and see how your current insurance would hold up in this exact same situation:

Your business is hired to conduct a routine residential inspection. The technician assigned to the job fails to properly inspect the entire property due to time constraints; however, she reports to the client that they passed the entire inspection. In a rush, the technician accidentally strikes the client’s parked vehicle while exiting the driveway, causing minor damage to both vehicles. One year later, the same client is throwing a neighborhood BBQ in their back yard. The deck where everyone is gathered, which was un-inspected by your technician, collapses and causes multiple injuries. The client and their guests sue your business for negligence and the court awards them $755,000 in damages. So, are you covered?

Our Programs Cover

  • Business General Liability, Property, Auto, and D&O Consolidated to one policy
  • No reporting limitation on Pest Inspection Damage Liability
  • Large Excess/Umbrellas limits available up to $20 million
  • Highly Competitive Pricing
  • We always have your business at mind

At Clarke & Sampson, Inc. we cover all your bases for you. Working closely with specialized insurance is our everyday business, including pest control. Take a look at one of OSHA's GSHA regulations that have been recently updated and should be in play at your place of business! Click here to read more about it! Or give us a call at 703.683.6601 to talk with one of our agents directly!

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