International Insurance

If you travel overseas, have operations in other countries, sell your product in other countries, or purchase products from other countries to be used in your product or work you will want to consider coverages for your international insurance exposures:

Property – This coverage is needed to provide for property losses outside the United States. There are territorial limitations on domestic property policies. Business Interruption coverage may be included as well.

Liability – Suits brought in courts other than in the United States are not covered under domestic general liability policies. If you travel outside the US, purchase or distribute products outside the US, or have operations outside the US you should maintain an international liability insurance policy.

Contingent Automobile – Provides international coverage for owned, hired and non owned automobiles.

Voluntary Compensation & Employers Liability – Provides workers compensation benefits to employees working overseas. Coverage can be provided for US Nationals, Third Country Nationals, and Local Nationals. Policies will often include Executive Assistance Services for persons traveling abroad and coverage for Endemic Disease.

Cargo – Provides coverage for physical loss to goods or products while being transported or stored en route.

Travel Accident – When employees travel overseas on business, they’re exposed to gaps in healthcare coverage that can be costly to them and their employers. These problems can be minimized with the purchase of international medical and AD&D coverage – resulting in true 24-hour protection for employee business travelers and their dependents.

Defense Base Act Coverage – Defense Base Act Coverage is required for all employers:

  • Working on U.S. military bases overseas.
  • Working on public work contracts (including construction & service contracts) with any U.S. government agency outside the U.S.
  • Working on contracts approved and funder by the U.S. if the contract is performed outside the U.S.
  • Working for American employers providing welfare or similar services outside the U.S. for the benefit of the Armed Forces

War Risk – Loss caused by war is excluded by most policies. This coverage is available for purchase.

Political Risk Insurance – Protects inventory, equipment and assets from foreign governments’ confiscation, expropriation or nationalization. This coverage can also apply to losses due to a U.S. government embargo or your goods abroad.

Kidnap & Ransom – This coverage will pay for expenses related to actual, alleged or threatened Kidnap of an employee or family member. Coverage can also include Extortion related to Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Product Adulteration and Disclosure of Propriety Information. As part of this policy the company will provide a Crisis Response Consultant to assist.

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