Scott Jefferson

Scott Jefferson

Account Executive

Scott Jefferson is an insurance broker with Clarke & Sampson, Inc., an independent insurance agency located in Alexandria, Virginia. He specializes building and servicing commercial insurance programs for small and medium sized business. Mr. Jefferson also plays a key role the firm's marketing and strategic growth initiatives. 

Mr. Jefferson holds a degree in economics from Hampden-Sydney College and a masters degree in marketing and management from the University of Virginia. He also holds the Certified Insurance Counselor (CICⒸ) designation. Mr. Jefferson's most recent educational achievement was at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business, where he was awarded the CAPIⒸ Insurance and Risk Management designation. 

Education and work go hand-in-hand to Scott. As a child, this quote by Thomas Jefferson adorned the wall of his room: “Practice of the purest virtue will derive the most sublime comforts.” His dedication to learning, service, and integrity made joining the Clarke & Sampson team a natural fit.

“It's an honor and a privilege to work with a company that has been not only foundational to my upbringing and career, but also a steward in the community,” he says. 

Scott and his wife live in Alexandria, and are proud to call the area home. When not working, Scott enjoys anything and everything outdoors including fly-fishing, hiking, camping, and traveling.