Travel Accident Insurance

We offer a range of options to protect your employees while on travel. Let us help protect your greatest assets with specialized coverages.

  • Business Travel Accident (Group Travel) - Available to groups of 3 or more – employer paid AD&D, for business or business and personal ravel, payable to employee or beneficiary in addition to Worker’s Compensation. Can include volunteers, consultants, and Directors & Officers coverage.
  • International Medical Protection (Global) - Coverage is available for all international travelers, including U.S. citizens and Foreign Nationals. Group policies are available. Benefits include Accident and Sickness Medical Coverage and AD&D. Travel Assistance Services are also available and more. Group Types: employees, student exchange, consultants; missionaries, and clubs.
  • Special Risk (Events and Activities) - AD&D and Accident Medical expense coverages are available to participants of certain programs. Some programs are Camps, Day Care Centers and Nursery Schools, Youth Sports and Activities, Volunteers, Recreational Activities and athletic, fraternal, civic, religious and educational groups, clubs and associations.
  • Personal Accident Insurance (Voluntary AD&D)

Coverages include Employee-only or Family Coverage, and economical group rates. Benefits available include Coma and Rehabilitation, Special Education, Seat belt and many more.

  • Basic Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D Carve-Out)

Carve-out Accidental Death & Dismemberment separates AD&D from a traditional group life program. This can produce a broader dismemberment schedule for the employee, and competitive rates for the employer. Seat Belt and Paralysis coverages are only two of the benefits that are available.

  • Independent Contractors Occupational Accident

This product enables independent contractors, who are excluded from coverage under a Worker’s Compensation Policy, to purchase occupational accident coverage. Benefits available include AD&D, Accidental Medical and Accident Disability.

  • Blanket Occupational Accident Insurance (BOAI)

Coverage fits within a Self-Insured Retention (“SIR”), large deductible, or Retro Loss Limit. By purchasing a BOAI, a self-insurer can reduce its catastrophic losses, lower overall cost, and improve overall cash flow. Coverage can include AD&D, Accident, Medical Expense, and Accident Disability.

  • Student Accident (K-12)

Base medical coverage for Associations, co-ops, school districts, buying groups, etc.. Mandatory and voluntary plans available on primary, limited primary, and excess basis. Exchange student programs available for inbound and outbound students. AD&D, Accidental Medical, and Accident Dental plans are available.

  • War Risk Coverage

Coverage addresses foreign exposure and does not exclude terrorism, nuclear, biological or chemical exposures. Coverage is available in most countries of concern. Available limits based on countries traveled to.

  • Medical Stop Loss

Specific Stop Loss Plans with deductibles from $75,000 to $500,000 and maximum benefits up to $2,000,000 per individual. Aggregate Stop Loss Plans with deductibles from 120% to 200% of expected claim costs and maximum benefits up to $2,000,000 per policy period. Combination Specific and Aggregate Stop Loss Plans are available.

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