Umbrella Liability Insuarnce

The rising cost of lawsuits and judgments are often draining and even detrimental to well maintained and properly functioning businesses. Catastrophic liability losses can occur unexpectedly at any time, which is why a commercial umbrella is such an important component to properly insuring your business.

Commercial umbrella policies provide liability protection that is above and beyond your other policies. Umbrellas can increase your limits substantially, and possibly even broaden your coverage.

Why buy business umbrella liability insurance?

Let's assume that your business was named in a liability claim that required $5 million to settle, and the limit of your general liability policy is $2 million. Here's what would happen:

  • Your insurance company would pay $2 million
  • Your business would be responsible for the other $3 million

A $5 million business umbrella liability insurance policy would have covered the rest of the settlement (the remaining $3 million) and left your business with $2 million in remaining liability protection.

Clarke & Sampson is here to help protect your business from unpredictable and catastrophic liability losses through tailored umbrellas at competitive rates.

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