Valuable Articles Protection

A homeowners policy may not offer enough coverage to replace precious items. And you may not even know how good your policy is until you have to make a claim. By then it will be too late.Typical homeowners policies are designed primarily to protect your home, personal liability and the general contents of your house. Limits on standard homeowners policies for valuables like jewelry and silverware range from $1,000 to $5,000. If you rely solely on your homeowners policy, you may have out-of-pocket expenses if your most valued possessions are lost, stolen, or damaged.

A Valuable Articles policy gives you the peace of mind to wear, use and enjoy your prized possessions anywhere in the world… whether it’s the diamond necklace you wear while vacationing in Europe, the custom set of golf clubs you bring on a business trip, or the original oil painting right in your living room.

  • Breakage of Fragile Items - Breakage of delicate possessions like crystal, china, and porcelain may be excluded on your homeowners policy, but with a Valuable Articles policy, you are automatically covered for breakage of fragile items.
  • Lost Items - Unlike most homeowners policies that exclude coverage for lost or misplaced items (sometimes referred to as “mysterious disappearance”), a Valuable Articles policy will cover misplaced, lost, or stolen items, even the earring that mysteriously disappears from your ear.
  • Items Stored in a Vault - If you typically keep certain valuable jewelry pieces in a bank vault, you may benefit from a reduced insurance premium.

We offer choices that suit your lifestyle:

Blanket Coverage – This is the perfect insurance solution for possessions like china place settings or a silver flatware collection. Instead of insuring each piece individually, you can select a total or “blanket” limit of coverage for each category you want to insure.

Itemized Coverage – By scheduling specific items you can settle a covered total loss before it occurs. You determine up from the value of each article described or “itemized” on your policy. At the time of a covered total loss, you’ll get 100 percent of his itemized value in a cash settlement, all with no deductible or depreciation.

Pairs, Sets, and Parts – If you lose one item of an itemized set, you can receive the replacement cost of the entire pair or set as your settlement – up to your coverage limits – if you provide us with the remaining piece(s). Or, you may choose to keep the remaining pieces and receive replacement cost for the lost items only.

Your passion is to collect. Ours is to help protect. Whatever your passion – jewelry, fine art, antiques and collectibles – the larger and more precious your collection becomes, the greater your need for the right insurance solutions.

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